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New Age Rock n Soul

Bringing together psychedelic rock sounds of the golden past and the new sound of modern soul, Edgewood Heavy is the hottest band in Atlanta. Described as "A mixture of Andre 3000, Prince, and Erykah Badu," their shows are high energy funk fests synthesizing vast styles of music into one rocking good time. They have taken the Atlanta scene by storm since their birth, and have been seen performing at events such as One Music Festival, SoFar Sounds, Wire and Wood Festival, and more.


In the year since their release of their premiere single, "Misery,"  they have hosted their Atlanta music festival  'Edgewoodstock' for two years running. They have also collaborated with local brewery "Soul Brothers" to create their beer, 'Edgewood Hefe' and released the mixtape "Edgewood on Edgewood." They are expanding their fan base across the country alongside their most recent release 'Riverside' while recording their first full length project.

Grunge Texture

Misery. By: Edgewood Heavy

Save My Soul. By: Edgewood Heavy

Heavy. By: Edgewood Heavy

'Riverside' Music Video
'Save My Soul' Music Video
'Misery' Music Video
Edgewoodstock Event Poster.JPG

Music Festival

'When Rhinos Fly'

Now entering its second year, Edgewoodstock is the annual Atlanta music festival hosted by Edgewood Heavy. Featuring up and coming regional & local Atlanta talent, Edgewoodstock is an all day music festival bringing together music, vendors, local community businesses, and Edgewood Heavy's exclusive beer, Edgewood Hefe. This year includes Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics as a headliner.


Edgewood Hefe
The Heaviest Light Beer on the Planet

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