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New Age Rock n Soul

Since bursting onto the Atlanta music scene, edgy and soulful, Edgewood Heavy has blazed a path all its own. Their unique genre of Rock N Soul, a term the band coined to describe their rarefied sound, is at the heart of the band's identity and musical style. The four-piece rock band led by the two dynamic, and passionate frontmen, have been likened to "a mixture of the Rolling Stones, The Black Keys, and Outkast," and have taken the nation's southeast music scene by storm. Their popularity has seen the band perform on NPR's "Sounds like ATL" segment by WABE, open for David Ryan Harris, play with lady Nicole Wray at the One Music Festival, which attracts more than 50,000 fans every year, and perform at the Wire and Wood Fest, Stone Mountain Soul Fest, and Inman Park Fest to name just a few. They have also hosted their Atlanta music festival  'Edgewoodstock' for two years and collaborated with local brewery "Soul Brothers" to create their beer, 'Edgewood Hefe.' After their debut album release, '$ex Drugs & Rock N Soul,' the band is continuing to give fans what they long for: more new music and more live shows. They are currently touring the United States on their ‘Electric Summer Tour’ on the heels of their latest release, “Electric Eel.”

“Everything about Edgewood Heavy is unique, from our Rock N Soul musical style, to the way we look on stage, even the fact that all of our songs are self-produced,” explains Gio, one of Edgewood Heavy's dynamic frontmen. “Everyone these days talks about artificial intelligence, computerization, and automation, we're the opposite of that. Soul and rock music has always been about the expression of deep emotion, with no two performances of the song ever being exactly the same. That's why we only have live instruments on our album. We wanted to showcase the authenticity of what it's like to be at one of our shows.”

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Grunge Texture


 By: Edgewood Heavy


Electric Eel. By: Edgewood Heavy

Homicidal Lover. By: Edgewood Heavy

Heavy. By: Edgewood Heavy

Did you catch our section on NPR's 'Sounds Like ATL" by WABE? Check out the full episode here.

'Riverside' Music Video
'Save My Soul' Music Video
'Homicidal Lover' Music Video
Edgewoodstock Event Poster.JPG

Music Festival

'When Rhinos Fly'

Now entering its second year, Edgewoodstock is the annual Atlanta music festival hosted by Edgewood Heavy. Featuring up and coming regional & local Atlanta talent, Edgewoodstock is an all day music festival bringing together music, vendors, local community businesses, and Edgewood Heavy's exclusive beer, Edgewood Hefe. This year includes Ruby Velle and the Soulphonics as a headliner.

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Edgewood Hefe
The Heaviest Light Beer on the Planet

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